Diamond Knowledge

  • Diamond Certification

    A certification with public trust to prove the quality and value of a gemstone should be issued by professional identifiction organizations.

  • Shape

    Diamonds are cut into various shapes. Different shapes determine different reflectional characteristics.
    Different of shapes indicate difference personal taste and preference.

  • Carat

    Carat is specific measurement of a diamond's weight, it is equal to 0.2 gram and is divided into 100 points.

  • Clarity

    Most natural diamonds contain impurities inside which is very common, so if the amount of inclusions, color, size and position are little, the higher of the refractive effect it is and the higher value it becomes.

  • Color

    The color of a diamond is graded with the D-to-Z Scale

  • Cut

    The cut performance includes three aspects: length-width ratio, symmetry, and polish.